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My generator will not put out !

Could be a bad capacitor

Often times a brushless generator will not produce electricity because the capacitor is damaged.

A visual inspection of the capacitor will often reveal damage.
Look for swelling, leakage, burnt spots, corroded terminals.

If all looks good test the part.

Testing the capacitor

Using a capacitor tester: a charge will be sent to the part and the meter will let you know how much charge it absorbed and if it is holding the charge.

Using an ohm meter : Set meter to 0 ohms with  leads together
Analog, needle should bounce (move to the right then back to left) , 
Digital reading should jump up then return to 0.

A capacitor is like a battery, they build up a charge to the rated uF (micro farads) and release it at the rated Hz 
The VAC rating for the capacitor is the maximum VAC the capacitor can hold before damage occurs.
Unlike a battery the capacitor only has 2 plates and discharges all of its charge at one time.

1uF / MFD =  1000nF = 1000000pF(MMFD)

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